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Timothé Grière

Multimedia engineer

Photography, video, web, multimedia... here are my interests.
Self taught at first, I chose to follow the path of multimedia engineering after a technological degree. During my studies in France, Canada and now Germany, I have deepened and improved my skills in multimedia creation. And because the audiovisual is my favorite field, I am now specializing in audiovisual content production. By browsing this Portfolio, you can have an overview of most of my works and projects created these last years. Have fun !


Right now

Recherche de stage

Looking for an internship

At the end of my engineering studies, starting march 2016, I need to find an internship in a company. From 4 to 6 months, this intership will be the opportunity for me to make a step forward in the professional world. Audiovisual, web or multimedia in general, my skills will be the only limits to my researches.

Need more informations ? Something to propose ?
Have a look at my resume or contact me.


Now in Stuttgart !

Since September 7 and until February 29, I am now studying in Stuttgart at the Hochschule der Medien. This is for me the opportunity to specialize in audiovisual production by following the « Audiovisual Media » program. Six months of full english classes and at the end theorical and technical knowledges. One more international experience that will allow me to have a brand new look on the audiovisual world.

Hoschule der medien